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Native Organic Cane Sugar

Green Cane Project

The Green Cane Project in Brazil is one of the largest organic agricultural projects on the planet with over 54,400 acres certified organic. In the US market, their sugar is available at retail under the "Native" brand name. Some highlights of the project are:

  • Pioneered the harvesting of green (unburned) cane in Brazil 30 years ago

  • Created 11,000 acres of 'Biodiversity Islands', planted over 1 million trees, and have documented greater biodiversity over the surrounding area.

  • Carbon Neutral, which has been certified by a third party - they actually have extra carbon credits which they can trade. During harvest season they generate enough extra electricity to power a city of several hundred thousand inhabitants.

  • Extensive support to employees including profit sharing, subsidized medical care for all 3,000+ employees and their families, social and educational programs.

In 2009 they received EcoSocial Certification. This certification is a three part certification that encompasses economic (fair trade), social and environmental standards.

In 2011 they were recognized as a "New Sustainability Champion" by the World Economic Forum, one of only 16 companies recognized world-wide.

green cane

Clean water for Madagascar

Vanwell Project

For three generations, the Lochhead family has produced the finest quality vanillas and flavors available. They proudly serve a wide range of industries with experience, quality and integrity.
-John and George - The Lochhead Brothers


Sustainable cocoa

Agostoni Equal Partner Program

project hope & fairness

Helping African Cocoa Farmers

Project Hope & Fairness

proj hope & fair

Clean water for those in need

Wells for Wellbeing

Wells for Wellbeing is a non profit dedicated and determined to build water wells that provide clean, safe, and sustainable water for those in need.

To learn more, or make a donation, please visit the links below.

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